French lessons training fees at On Site Languages Fees


Fees may change with additional requirements and for location outside Toronto.

Placement test:

$30 to $60 per student

Tutoring (one on one):

$57 to $74 per hour


Group between 2 and 5 students: Fixed price
Group of 2 = $80.00 per hour
Group of 3 = $95.00 per hour
Group of 4 = $110.00 per hour
Group of 5 = $125.00 per hour

Group between 6 and 20 students:
Please contact us for a quote.

The rate includes:

  • reports: attendance sheets, progress reports, ongoing evaluation
  • instructional material (except student’s workbook and textbook)
  • hours of training
  • teacher salaries
  • travel expenses
  • start-up meetings, regular contact, follow-up meetings.

We ask the company to provide access to a room with a blackboard or flip chart, and ask that we have access to a photocopier.

First Contact

Parameters discussed with the client will be:

  • placement tests
  • teaching material, course content and objectives
  • reports and forms (attendance sheets, progress reports)
  • group formation and fees
  • class schedules
  • training rooms
  • term and deadlines.


The company will be billed at the end of each month of training.

Attendance Sheets

Attendance sheets will be provided at the end of each month. Each attendance sheet will include the student’s name, company name and address, attendance, hours missed and reason, dates, class level, location, etc

Class Size and Schedule

To accommodate most schedules, we offer flexible hours of training between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. in the workplace. Class size, duration and the number of hours of training required are negotiated with the client.

Cancellation Policies

Private classes and group classes may be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance, if necessary, without charge or penalty. In both cases, the instructor will make every attempt to reschedule missed classes.


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