French Language Testing, Evaluation and Progress Report

Placement Test

The placement test, conducted by an instructor, consists of a brief personal interview. Each student is tested individually. This placement test respects the communicative / functional approach of our program by:

  1. Determining the individual’s ability to communicate
  2. orally through a series of difficult tasks;
  3. Assessing the level of oral comprehension;
  4. Determining strong and weak points of grammar;
  5. Verifying the ability to modify speech.

Test results can be finalized within a few days. The company will be provided with a summary indicating each student’s name and level. Some group changes are inevitable after the first few classes as some individuals’ latent skills may only show up after a few hours of instruction.

Aptitude Test

We do not recommend the use of the American Pimsleur test and the Modern Language Aptitude Test (M.L.A.T.) currently available on the market. An individual’s level of aptitude is best established by his/her performance in class. The instructor can gauge how easily the participant assimilates and utilizes new material.

Ongoing Evaluation

Students will be evaluated at regular intervals throughout each term. This evaluation shows participants their strong and weak points, with regard to the objectives covered during the learning process. These tests can be oral or written comprehension tests, and can be formal or informal.

Progress Report

The progress report refers to the assessment of an individual’s progress at the end of a term. It is designed to determine whether or not an individual has achieved the goals set out in the program. Ongoing evaluations are integral components of our program that feed into the final progress report.

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