Method at On Site Languages

Our Method Encourages Students to Speak in French Using a Contemporary Communicative/Functional Approach


From the first class, our teachers will encourage students to speak in French using a contemporary communicative/functional approach, in order to provide a comprehensive and relevant training program related to business and individual needs. Our teaching philosophy, our recruiting strategies, our training and our quality control methods are geared towards this objective. With us, forget about boring lectures. Students are at the heart of the action and are expected to participate! Students will learn language skills related to everyday life and be prepared to interact and respond appropriately with French-speaking people. Each student will be actively involved in many conversational situations by establishing precise, professional and personal objectives. Students will be active participants in the learning process.

Teaching Material

To reinforce and correct communicative skills, students will work with a workbook and a textbook developed especially for adult language learners. The courses follow a logical structural progress in the method and are customized to suit the organization’s needs by using communicative and functional approaches. This responds to the need frequently expressed by students and instructors for a lively resource that develops communicative proficiency while, at the same time, focussing on grammatical accuracy.



Complementary Material

Games, pronunciation exercises, listening, speaking and reading exercises make up the balance of our program.

The focus is on respect for students’ needs and variety. Communicative proficiency is also learned through actual sources (audio, video, newspapers, business forms, magazines, memos, company publications, etc.)



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