On Site Languages
Program at On Site Languages

Intermediate 1

# hours: 30

General objective

Participants will be able to understand and enter into simple face-to-face conversations in the past, present and future tenses. They will maintain a limited number of interactive, task oriented conversations in a very restricted manner. They will achieve elementary tasks in work situations.

Training objectives

  • indicate location
  • express emotions
  • conduct simple transactions
  • describe past events
  • express necessity
  • express time
  • make an appointment
  • explain position and responsibilities at work

Grammatical objectives

  • present; definite past; imperfect; imperative mood ; subjunctive
  • object pronouns
  • prepositions
  • expressions with “avoir ”
  • reciprocal verbs


  • locations
  • summary of job description
  • office layout
  • social activities
  • transactions
  • services