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French Tutoring for Children at On Site Languages

French - English - Spanish - Mandarin: language skills training.

You want to improve the success rate of your children or teens at school? We have the solution. Learning a new language enhances children’s cognitive abilities.  Enhancing your children’s cognitive abilities will pave the way to academic success. On site Languages provides professional language tutors for them.

Here are some reasons why we at On Site Languages think that learning a language is essential for your children:

  1. Learning a new language is more in demand in Ontario than ever before. Learning French, for example, enhances the chance of gaining employment in the future in both Federal and Provincial public sector.
  2. Your children could pursue their studies in Québec and abroad.
  3. Learning a new language will open ways of thinking gaining confidence in their every day life.

We offer language classes to children and teens of all levels. Our teachers are competent, experienced and enthusiastic.

We at On Site Languages personalize each program specific to the needs and interests of your children.

For more information or to register, call us at 416-960-8764 or email us at pierregilbert@bell.net