On Site Languages
Program at On Site Languages

Beginner 3

# hours: 30

General objective

Participants will be able to handle simple, elementary needs with elements of spontaneity to express themselves on day to day life. They will be able to make an appointment and ask simple questions.

Training objectives

  • make a request
  • understand acceptance or refusal of a request
  • make an appointment
  • ask for and giving simple directions
  • relate a sequence of past events
  • make a purchase
  • order in a restaurant

Grammatical objectives

  • partitive articles
  • adverb of quantity
  • present tense
  • recent past
  • definite past
  • near future
  • demonstrative adjectives
  • interrogative forms
  • reflexive verbs


  • simple job descriptions
  • section, division, service
  • time of day
  • quantities
  • culture in Québec and France