On Site Languages
Program at On Site Languages

Beginner 2

# hours: 30

General objective

Participants will be able to ask and give simple routine information relating to work situations. They will be able to describe other people and take a message in very simple conversation.

Training objectives

  • describe one’s job and workplace
  • describe someone
  • express ownership
  • express opinions
  • talk about one’s activities at work
  • relate a sequence of past events
  • take a message

Grammatical objectives

  • present tense
  • adjectives
  • possessive adjectives
  • interrogative forms
  • object pronouns
  • near future
  • definite past with “avoir”
  • verbs “vouloir” et “pouvoir”


  • position, title
  • leisure
  • personal data and identification
  • sports
  • social activities
  • work vocabulary