On Site Languages
Program at On Site Languages

Beginner 1

# hours: 30

General objective

Participants will be able to establish first contact and give some personal work related information. They will handle greetings, message-taking at work and other expressions of courtesy.

Training objectives

  • recognize basic sounds, rhythms and intonation
  • greet others
  • introduce oneself and others
  • become aware of communication strategies
  • ask and give for personal information
  • give one’s position, title and name of company
  • talk about family members
  • identify workplace objects
  • locate objects and people in space
  • talk about one’s activities
  • understand and fill out simple forms

Grammatical objectives

  • subject pronouns
  • present tense
  • interrogative forms
  • negative forms
  • definite and indefinite articles
  • basic prepositions


  • greetings / salutations
  • professions
  • nationalities
  • positions, titles and activities at work
  • family
  • numbers 1 to 1,000,000
  • colours, days, moment, months