On Site Languages
Program at On Site Languages

Advanced 2

# hours: custom-designed

General objective

Participants will be able to handle with confidence, orally and in writing, complicated tasks and routine work requirements such as elaborating, convincing, complaining, etc. They will be able to participate in discussions during a meeting and conduct business in French.

Training objectives

  • express wishes
  • talk about possibility, probability and predictability
  • ask supply detailed information
  • respond to complaints
  • provide detailed narrations and descriptions
  • give recommendations

Grammatical objectives

  • past conditional
  • future perfect
  • more complex hypothetical situations
  • indefinite and possessif pronuouns
  • review of difficult grammar point


  • work related
  • day-to-day life
  • company policy
  • terms of tact and diplomacy
  • formal meeting protocol
  • idiomatic expressions
  • current affairs